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Pupils begin their three year approach to GCSE or Vocational in year 9 and follow different pathways dependent on the choices that they made in year 8. Year 9 follows a two week timetable.

Pupils for some subjects are grouped into third populations dependent on their tutor group.  Tutor groups C, E and F form band b, M, N and P form band c and R, S and W form band d. Specifically these subjects are English (8 hours per fortnight), Mathematics (8 hours), Science (6 hours), and PE (1 hour).

Pupils are also separated into 4 option blocks and follow one subject in each block. Each subject is taught for 6 hours across the fortnight. The first option block consists of Ebaccalaureate subjects which include French, Spanish, History and Geography.

In block x, y and z pupils have also opted to study three additional subjects to their Ebaccalaureate choice. These subjects are also taught for 6 hours in the fortnight and include; Art, Business Studies, Computer Science, Construction, Drama, Economics, Engineering, Food Technology, Media Studies, Music, PE, Photography, Product Design, Psychology, RE and Sociology. Pupils also have the choice of opting for an additional Ebaccalaureate subjects (French, Spanish, History, Geography) in blocks x, y and z.

All pupils follow a PSHE programme during an Extended Tutor Time on Gold Fridays during period 1.

Assessment dates

End of Year Exams will take place in the week commencing 26th June 2017.

Progress Report

Will be issued in the week commencing:

12th December 2016
27th March 2017

Full Report

Will be issued in the week commencing:

17th July 2017

Key Dates

26th September 2016      Parents Information Evening
10th March 2017                Directions & Destinations Day
8th June 2017                       Year 9 Parents Evening
26th June 2017                    End of Year Examinations

Important Contacts

 Learning Coordinator Hannah Bishop & Reece Szreider

 Pastoral Support Officer  Sarah Sheppard
 Deputy Principal  Paul Avery





To view the Year 9 Parents Information Booklet click here.