Year 11

Pupils continue to follow different pathways dependent on the GCSE or Vocational subject choices that they made. Year 11 follows a two-week timetable.

Curriculum provision across the two-week timetable is English (8 hours per fortnight), Mathematics (8 hours), Science (9 hours) and PE (2 hours). Pupils are also separated into 4 option blocks and follow one subject in each block. Each subject is taught for 6 hours across the fortnight. The subject choices include at least one Ebaccalaureatte choice plus the option of History, Geography, Computer Science, Spanish, French, IT, Construction, Engineering, Food Studies, Product Design, PE, Music, Art, Drama, Sociology, Citizenship, Business Studies, Photography and Economics. Pupils with SEND can opt for the SEN module in one of the option blocks. Additionally, pupils are taught PSHE (1 hour).

In Year 11 pupils also receive a period 6 lesson in each subject on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Blue Thursdays.

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