Work Outside the Classroom (WOTC)

We believe at Carshalton Boys Sports College that Work Outside The Classroom (WOTC) makes an important contribution to a students’ progress at school and helps them to achieve high standards.

WOTC allows students to further develop curriculum knowledge and gives the opportunity to work with greater freedom and independence.

WOTC tasks will vary according to the subject and the skill being assessed and take many forms. Some tasks may be relatively short (handed in the next lesson or via Google Classroom) others may last over a much longer period (a termly project or Coursework in upper school). Tasks may include: reading, writing, watching, listening, interviewing, talking, memorising, drawing, designing, making, surveying, planning, redrafting, revision, etc.

Work Outside The Classroom partnerships with parents, carers and students can help to extend high quality learning experiences beyond the limits of the school day. They also provide opportunities for parents and carers to take part in their children’s education. To support this process every student and parent has access to a Class Charts account. 

What is Class Charts?

Class Charts is an application to help students keep track of achievements, access behaviour reports  and track any detentions you may get. We also use Class Charts for Electronic Behaviour and Attendance reports. If your child is placed on report, this will appear in the ‘On Report Card’ tab on both the parent and student app.

Class Charts for students can be accessed via the Class Charts website, or using iOS and Android apps.

You can access the student website and find links to the student App at:

Students will be given an access code to access their version of the app, and parents will also be sent codes, so they can support their child with their behaviour, achievements and WOTC at home. If your child has lost their access code or has not received this, please ask them to speak to their Head of Year or you can email 

A full student guide for using the App can be found here: 

A full parent guide for using the app can be found here: 

We also use Google Classroom at CBSC to complete both WOTC and Classwork. Students will all have access to the Google Apps (Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Mail etc) using their school Google Accounts. 

Some departments also use a variety of applications for students to complete WOTC on. Some examples include: 

  • Seneca
  • Mathswatch & Hegarty Maths
  • Everlearner
  • Language Gym 
  • Vocab Express
  • Sentence Builder
  • Quizlet
  • Memrise

We advise Parents and Carers to discuss WOTC with their children and to ask them to see the work they have produced on a regular basis, to keep momentum of WOTC going and to maintain the parent/carer - student - teacher triangle that is fundamental in supporting a child's progress. If you do not have your parent code, or you have any questions, please email 

If you need any help with any work set, please visit the Help Centre which includes Class Charts, Google Classroom Guidance and Videos as well as subject enquiry forms.