Trips & Talks

CBSC  believes that trips and activities are an important part of school life, and the development of every young person.  For this reason, students at CBSC have a wealth of opportunities to experience trips both inside and outside of their curriculum areas.

The information below shows trips and activities undertaken in the last academic year, within the 6th Form.

WHERE WE've been

Subject Area Destination/Trip Title
 Aimhigher  Surrey University
 Aimhigher  UCAS Convention
 Aimhigher  Sussex and Brighton University
 Art  National Portrait Gallery
 Art  National Portrait Gallery
 Camps International Trip  Cambodia
 Design and Technology  KS4/5 Inspired by Design at UCL
 Design and Technology  Coca Cola Factory
 Design and Technology  New Designers Workshop
 Drama  The Play That Goes Wrong
 Economics  US Politics Conference
 Economics  Economics City of London
 Economics  Economics in Action
 English  Great Gatsby Theatre
 English  Dr Faustus Conference
 English  Streetcar Named Conference
 Geography  Camber Sands Trip
 Geography  North Kent Coast Trip
 Geography  A2 Study Conference
 Geography  Tectonics Conference
 Geography  Bournemouth Trip
 Geography  Energy and Development Lecture
 Geography  Royal Geographical Society
 Geography  Sixth Form Taster Day in London
 Geography  Sorrento Trip
 Government and Politics  Parliament and Supreme Court
 Government and Politics  AS Politics Revision
 History  History Conference
 History  Washington DC Trip
 Maths  Maths Inspiration
 Media  BFI Study Day Southbank
 Media  BFI Study Day Southbank
 Media  BFI Study Day Southbank
 MFL  Lorca Theatre
 MFL  Holy Trinity School Visit
 PE  Twickenham Stadium Tour
 PE  Dublin Trip
 PE  A-Level Climbing Trip
 PE  Twickenham Rugby Match
 PE  Wimbledon Tennis Trip
 Psychology  Psychology Conference
 Psychology  Zimbardo Conference
 Science  KCL Trip
 Science  Juniper Hall
 Sociology  Sociology Trip

Where are we going?

The trip calendar evolves throughout the year: the table below gives a taste of the exciting opportunities available to our 6th Form students.

Subject Area Destination/Trip Title
 6th Form  Ski Trip 2017
 6th Form  Washington DC Trip
 Economics  Economics Workshop
 Geography  Tectonic Hazards Conference
 Geography  A2 Study Day at RGS
 Geography  Year 12 Residential Fieldwork. Slapton
 Government & Politics  Year 12 US Politics Conference
 Government & Politics  Parliament Trip
 Government & Politics  US Politics Revision Conference
 Government & Politics  Politics Revision Conference
 Maths  Maths Day at University of Sussex
 Media  BFI Study Day - Film Openings. Southbank
 Media  BFI Media Study Day - Music Videos
 Media  BFI Media Study Day - TV Drama
 PE  ATP Barclays World Tour Final (Tennis)
 PE  Varsity Rugby Trip
 Psychology  Loftus Conference
 Sociology  Sociology in Action
 Spanish  Spanish Conference London