Student Support

At CBSC 6th Form we offer a highly personalised academic and support package.  Our team of teachers, tutors and pastoral support advisers make sure that support and guidance is available when you need it.

Year Co-ordinator

You will be supported on your 6th Form journey by a Year Co-ordinator who will oversee and guide your progress and wellbeing.

Personal tutor

You will be assigned a professionally trained personal tutor when you start  6th Form. Our Tutor Groups are mixed Year 12/13 groups to allow collaborative and supportive relationships to develop between Year Groups. You will meet your tutor daily in tutor time where there are notices and support activities throughout the year. Your tutor will oversee your future applications to university or employment.

UCAS Co-ordinator

We have a dedicated team and comprehensive programme in place to support you through the UCAS application process. The UCAS planning process commences in Year 12, there will be extensive advice and guidance and a wealth of opportunities that you can engage in to enhance your personal statements.

Careers advice

Throughout your time with us, our impartial careers adviser will be on hand to support your aspirations and plans. All you need to do is book yourself an appointment on a Tuesday.

Pastoral Support

Our Pastoral Support Officers are available to help if personal difficulties are getting in the way of your studies. We provide quiet spaces where you can talk through your issues with one of our team, and work towards making them easier to handle.

Additional support

If you have an identified learning difficulty and/or disability you may be entitled to additional support. This could include: help in and outside of class; the loan of specialist equipment you may need to complete work; support with making special arrangements for taking exams; support in accessing our facilities.