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Top tips for the construction of a revision schedule for your son:

  1. Block out all commitments (sporting, social, family etc.) during the forthcoming months. It is ESSENTIAL to complete this first because pupils are much more likely to sustain the plan.

  2. Plot aspects of time in which to revise all of his subjects. Spread the subjects out during the week at times which are realistic.

  3. Follow the schedule, given by his teachers, within this time frame. Revise for no longer than 45 minutes to an hour and then have a break for 10 to 15 minutes before returning.

  4. Ensure that you cover all topics in the subject’s examined syllabus.

The emphasis on a revision programme is being able to recall (not just recognise) key knowledge, skills and strategies without any assistance. If your son is unable to do this, he is not ready for the exam!

Blank, monthly, management revision schedules for 2018 have been provided below.
To view (and download), click on the month required.

Revision Schedules:






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