Remote Learning

Quality First Teaching is the foundation on which our support for pupils with SEND is built upon.  Teachers will differentiate their lessons and resources appropriately to ensure they are meeting the needs of all students in their classes. All pupils with SEND have a learning profile which outlines their main barriers to learning and appropriate strategies for teachers to use in their teaching. The learning profiles are held centrally and shared with all staff via our in house SEN Register and Individual Education Plans.

Where pupils with SEND are unable to access remote learning, due to lack of access to IT equipment, priority consideration will be given to the loan of a laptop.  If you would like to be considered for a loan, please contact reception and your name will be added to the list for consideration. Other learning aids such as overlays can be provided where needed.

The engagement of pupils with SEND in online learning will be monitored by the Learning Support team and, where a pupil is identified as having difficulties, regular telephone calls will be made to parents (and students where appropriate) to support and help them to overcome any specific barriers to learning. These calls will also be used to support the emotional health of pupils and general wellbeing.

Members of the Learning Support team will be available to both pupils and parents via email and telephone throughout any school closure.

All pupils with an Educational Health and Care Plan will be offered a place in school should they require one and will continue to receive in-class support by members of the Learning Support team either in school or remotely via phone call or google classrooms.