Pastoral Organisation

The pastoral care offered to our students at Carshalton Boys Sports College is designed to support them in becoming independent, enquiring and creative young people, enabling them to take PRIDE in themselves, their work and their school. We aim to provide a personalised learning experience for our young people that responds to each person's needs, talents and interests.

Our experienced and talented pastoral teams play a central role in supporting every student's social and academic development.

​Students have a tutor and tutor group who they see every day and who form their immediate family in school. Each year group has a Learning Coordinator and Pastoral Support Officer whose role is to coordinate the activities of the group, support the tutor team and take responsibility for the welfare of group members.

There are lots of opportunities for students to gain leadership experience and take part in the school's decision-making processes. We have an active school council (CBSC Power) with representatives from each year group. A rich and diverse curriculum offer and a wide range of extra-curricular activities hopefully ensures that everyone can find something in which to excel.

If you have any concerns about your child's experience of school, please contact the relevant Learning Coordinator or Pastoral Support Officer who will support you.

Lower School - Years 7 & 8

Deputy Principal Paul Avery
Assistant Principal Emma Morris
Learning Coordinator Year 7 Reece Szreider
Learning Coordinator Year 8 Ros Walker
Pastoral Support Officer, Year 7 Natalie Hodge
Pastoral Support Officer, Year 8 Susannah Garcia-Santos

Upper School - Years 9 & 10

Deputy Principal Matt Robinson
Deputy Principal Paul Avery
Learning Coordinator Year 9 Shannon McGrath
Learning Coordinator Year 10 Brendan Earley
Pastoral Support Officer, Year 9 Natalie Howard
Pastoral Support Officer, Year 10 Anderson Esnard

Senior School - Years 11, 12 & 13

Vice Principal Jenny Gaylor
Assistant Principal, Head of 6th Form Paula Cowell
Learning Coordinator Year 11 Jess Hendle
Learning Coordinator Year 12 Annie White
Learning Coordinator Year 13 Freddie Hale
Pastoral Support Officer, Year 11 Faith Awolope
Pastoral Support Officer, Years 12 & 13 Sue Barker
Pastoral Support Officer, Years 12 & 13 Caanan Reynolds