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Leadership is encouraged and developed at every level at CBSC. All 6th Form students are required to develop their leadership skills as part of their 6th Form journey.

Importantly students select their leadership role to complement their passions and aspirations. Currently our students are engaged in leadership roles such as:

  • 6th Form Leadership Team, including Head Boy and Girl (application to and appointment by the Principal)
  • Pixl Edge ambassadors
  • Mentors
  • Blog and Newsletter Editors
  • Subject Leaders
  • Lunch Time Supervisors (Paid Position)
  • Library Assistants (Paid Position)
  • School Shop Assistant (Paid position)
  • Media & Arts Technicians
  • Sports Coaches and Ambassadors
  • IT Technicians
  • Primary Outreach Work

The options are endless, and students thrive in an environment where they are “in control” of their skills development.

Students log and record their leadership journey through Google classrooms, which are monitored by personal tutors.

All leadership activities and development can be used as PIXL Edge LORIC evidence and will, if substantial, contribute to PIXL Edge Graduate Certification.

Sixth Form Leadership Team 2016