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Our first key aim in Key Stage 3 is to ensure that your child transitions from primary school effectively. Our objective is that your son feels safe and enjoys school, as these aspects will allow him to achieve. We take enormous pride in providing a high standard of pastoral care and guidance, so that he secures a solid base with which to build his future.

All pupils follow Key Stage 3 (KS3) in year 7 and year 8. The purpose is to provide every child with exposure to each subject in order that they can thrive and prepare for the demands of Key Stage 4.

Your son will experience an array of courses, subjects and extra-curricular elements. A crucial focus in the two years are to prepare pupils with the necessary skills to be effective learners at Key Stage 4. These aspects are numerous but highlighted within the school motto of PRIDE; perseverance, resilience, independence and collaboration, discovery and enthusiasm.

During the summer term of year 8, pupils choose subjects that they would like to pursue in years 9, 10 and 11; these being the subjects that they would like to study for the GCSE or BTEC qualifications. At CBSC we believe that a three year approach to these qualifications will allow your son to immerse themselves in the essential knowledge and skill required; providing them with more effective guidance in the pursuit of mastery of the subject.