Hints & Tips For Students


  • Do check your Class Charts Homework list every day.
  • Do email/contact your teachers if you do not know what to do or submit and enquiry via the Help Centre.
  • Do check you understand what you are being asked to do.
  • Do your WOTC as soon as you can.
  • Do have a quiet place to do WOTC in.
  • Do have all the equipment, materials and resources you need.
  • Do plan and read back over previous teachers’ advice and marking.
  • Do produce your best work and ask a parent/carer to check over your work with you.


  • Don’t forget to show your WOTC to your parents/carers.
  • Don’t leave it all to build up.
  • Don’t have distractions such as loud music or do it in front of the TV.
  • Don’t cut corners.
  • Don’t rush and dive straight in.
  • Don’t be lazy and slap dash with your work.