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CBSC POWER - Student Council

CBSC Power

The POWER (Pupil Opportunity With Everyone Represented) Student Council is an elected group of tutor group representatives that meets on a half termly basis to suggest ideas for school improvement, question school leaders and share ideas. It is led by the Head Boy, Head Girl and Sixth Form Leadership Team. Each year every tutor group in the school elects two tutor representatives, they act on behalf of their tutor groups by listening to the tutor groups’ suggestions, attending Student Council meetings and providing feedback to the rest of the tutor group. Each meeting has a specific focus, for example Rewards. Typical meetings start with an outlined agenda which is followed by representatives asking questions which have been collated from tutor groups across the school, meetings then end with a question and answer session.

The current CBSC POWER council was elected in September 2018.













POWER Meeting Minutes

To peruse the minutes of the various meetings that have been held thus far, click on the meeting name.

Meeting 01 Minutes - 27th September 2018

Meeting 02 Minutes - 15th November 2018 / Meeting 02 Agenda - 15th November 2018

Meeting 03 Minutes - 27th March 2019

Meeting 04 Minutes - 8th May 2019

Upcoming Dates

Next Power Meeting: Monday 10th June