Sixth Form Aspire Programme

The 6th Form Aspire Programme was introduced to support high ability students achieve A*/A/B profiles at A Level.

The programme commences in late January of each year, following key bench mark assessments and teachers assessments. Year 12 and 13 students follow the same programme for the purposes of collaboration and sharing of good practice, although some of the speakers and seminars may be delivered separately at times, to address the specific needs of Year Groups.

The Aspire programme will embed a framework of communication, collaboration and guidance to support the independent work our students undertake and will support effective preparation.

The programme will include:

  • Regular Aspire meetings (each Blue Wednesday at 8 a.m.)
  • Outward bound team building opportunities
  • Student collaboration opportunities
  • Sharing Good Practice mechanisms
  • Structured and monitored progress framework
  • External speakers
  • Skills sessions
  • Subject specific resources, equipment and tutorials
  • Departmental consultations
  • Highly personalised Aim Higher support
Session Event
 Session 1  Elevate Seminar - Year 12 (Study Sensei)
 Elevate Seminar - Year 13 (Ace your exams)
 Session 2  Elevate review and target setting for high performance
 Session 3  Transformation, review and recall. Sharing good practice and technique
 Session 4  High level planning, removing distractions and maximising performance
 Session 5  Using exam papers and mark schemes to achieve A*

Please see Google Classroom for further details.