Advice For Parents Or Carers

Having a lot more Work Outside The Classroom (WOTC) to do every evening is one of the big changes your child will be getting used to now they are at secondary school. What they will have to do depends on each subject, but it could be anything from reading carefully or solving problems, to researching in reference books, from CDs or on the Internet - or even making something to take in to a lesson.

  • Don't let your child do their WOTC in front of the TV because they will not be able to concentrate properly. 
  • Clear a clutter-free space somewhere with enough room for their school books, specifically for them to do their WOTC on.
  • Make WOTC part of their routine - help them learn that doing some every evening is better than letting it all pile up.
  • Encourage your son to do his WOTC but don't let it become a battle.  There is help available at school should you not have space/facilities.  Contact a PSO for details.

Parents can also access their child's Homework list via Class Charts. If you need help accessing Class Charts, please email 

Please email your Head of Year for more information.

Please email your Head of Year for more information.

Year Head of Year Email Address
Year 7 Mr R Szreider
Year 8 Miss R Walker 
Year 9  Miss S McGrath
Year 10 Miss H Bishop/ Mr B Earley / 
Year 11 Miss J Hendle
Year 12 Mr F Hale 
Year 13 Mrs A White