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A-Level Reform In England

A-Level reform in England

Currently, whilst AS-Levels can be taken as a standalone qualification, they are generally taken as the first part of an A-Level course. AS-Levels are completed at the end of Year 12. A2 exams and coursework are then added to an AS-Level at the end of Year 13 bringing it up to A-Level standard.
From September 2015, the way A-Levels are made up is changing. A-Levels will still take two years to complete but will no longer be split into AS and A2-Level. AS-Levels will still be offered as a standalone high quality qualification in their own right, taking one year to complete, but will no longer be a means to progressing up to A-Level standard.

How will the changes affect my study?

  • You will sit all exams at the end of your qualification. If you take an AS-Level, you will take your exams at the end of the year. For an A-Level, you will not take any external exams until the end of the two years.
  • As part of your studies, you will take internal practice exams throughout your course.
  • Course content is also changing from September 2015.
  • There will be less coursework and more focus on exams.

A-Level system

New system from September 2016


Art & Design; Biology; Chemistry; Economics; English Literature; History; Photography; Physics; Psychology; Sociology, Applied ICT; Geography; Physical Education; Spanish; BTEC

Current system


Drama & Theatre Studies; Government & Politics; Graphic Product; Mathematics