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CBSC POWER continues to build on the success of previous years with a focus on improving playground facilities and suggesting way to improve provision through existing initiatives such as Sparx reader. A group of POWER representatives will be heading to the House of Commons in February 2024 for a tour of the building and a chance to witness some debate in the chamber. More on this in our next issue!

The Carshalton Boys Sports College POWER leadership team have been busy this year representing the CBSC community at Sutton Student Council.

CBSC hosted the first meeting of the academic year last term, where delegates discussed issues facing young people in Sutton at the moment. High on the list of concerns was the safety of young people in the local community particularly at weekends and going to/from school.

Elliot Colburn (MP for Carshalton and Wallington) attended the most recent meeting in January at Cheam High School, where he faced some direct and challenging questions about what the government is doing to reduce knife crime and protect our community.