KS5 BFI Media Trip - Critical Theory Study Day

Great day at British Film Institute with Year 12 & 13 Media Students who participated in a Critical Theory Study Day! 

A very big day of exploring theoretical perspective and academic ideas to further our media students knowledge and understand of critical exam theory! Students from both our digital media and media studies courses were involved in lectures and discussions around representation and construction of gender in media products through concepts such as gender performativity, male gaze, feminist perspectives and a variety of other academic theories. They have also explored analysis of meaning in media through semiotics and postmodernism and discussed a variety of case studies from different forms of media including advertising, music videos and film. They also took part in a Q&A with industry professionals and were actively contributing throughout. All students were wonderful participants and have a lot of knowledge and examples they can take to apply in the classroom and their exams. Very proud of our students for an excellent day at BFI! 



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