One Show - Good School Food Award 2023

Carshalton Boys featured on the One Show on the 26/6/23. We are so proud of Miss Dean and her achievements

Full episode of the One Show here: BBC One - The One Show, 26/06/2023

Please find the full article here: The Winners - Jamie Oliver’s Good School Food Awards

'The thing is, Jackie, who is head of Food Studies at the school, understands that teaching food is more than just about cooking. These lessons develop literacy, numeracy and functional skills, as well as helping students feel included in a school community. And at Carshalton that’s even more important, as they have lots of international children. Jackie and her assistant Michelle Hepburn take these children under their wings and teach them that studying food can be cool! 

Jackie, along with Michelle, helps the children become more aware of their own diets, while introducing them to delicious new foods. They also regularly invite professionals (including Jamie and Raymond Blanc) into school, which of course is a highlight! And with children from all over the world – Greece, Turkey, Ghana, to name a few – they explore a fantastic variety of cuisines, which ensures lessons are as fun and flavoursome as they can be. 

We’ve also heard it’s impossible to ignore their classroom, as mouth-watering aromas travel down the corridors, so we couldn’t think of a better team to win this prestigious award.

​​Judged and presented by Jamie Oliver'