Royal College of Nursing Petition

Most of our boys and girls attending Carshalton Boys were born at St Helier Hospital….. and almost all of them have visited A & E at some point. Carshalton Boys has a rich history of support for our local hospital. Many of our students have family members who are nurses in the NHS. 89% of nurses are women.

On Monday 8th March we celebrated International Women’s Day which was an opportunity for our school community to champion women's achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality. The theme of International Women’s Day is 2021 ‘#choosetochallenge’.  

The Department of Health and Social Care submission to the Pay Review Body outlined a suggested 1% pay award for NHS staff.

(This time last year just before Lockdown 1, nurses were promised a 2.1% pay increase…). We are all aware of the momentous contribution NHS staff have made to our community

Many students and staff expressed a passionate plea to #choosetochallenge the Government’s proposed pay rise by:

  1. Lobbying our MP, Elliot Colburn and
  2.  Signing the Royal College of Nursing petition below demanding an immediate and significant pay rise for nursing.

Here are some quotes from some of our Year 11 boys that we spoke to this week:

‘My sister works as a nurse in the NHS. I have watched her deal with a great amount of stress during the pandemic. A 1% pay rise is an insult to her commitment to looking after people.’

‘My mum is a receptionist in the NHS. The pandemic has taken a great toll on her. I think she works really hard and that this should be reflected in a pay rise. ‘

‘My mum is a nurse. During the last few months I have witnessed the stress that my mum has had to contend with. She helps other people every day and should be rewarded for her hard work. The proposed 1% pay rise feels like my mum’s work is not valued by the government.’

‘My mum works in admin in the NHS. During the last 12 months her job has impacted the way she is at home. I have seen how stressed she is and exhausted by the complex and relentless  issues she has had to deal with.’

‘My dad is an ambulance driver and has put his life at risk dealing with Covid-19 patients. He comes home stressed and has himself been very ill with Covid-19 during lockdown which was really frightening.’

‘My mum is a paramedic. She comes home exhausted. Sometimes this upsets me because I feel sad that she has to deal with such challenging work conditions. The proposed pay rise makes me think twice about pursuing a career in the NHS’’

‘My mum works in the NHS as a lab scientist. She has been more stressed and her job has consumed her. My mum is my hero, she works so hard and deserves to be rewarded through her salary.’

‘My mum is a nurse, she has worked more shifts during the pandemic due to the hospital being short staffed. She has gone the extra mile to keep people safe. This should be recognised by the government’

‘My mum works in the NHS. Part of her role is to take blood from patients which means she is in close proximity to patients every day - it is unfair that the government is only offering a 1% pay rise.’

Best wishes

Simon Barber