Ofsted Inspection April 2017

Carshalton Boys Sports College continues to be good...

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please find below a copy of the Ofsted Inspection report, published earlier this week. The school continues to be good.  I am sure when you read the report you will agree with us that the feedback given is fantastic and the inspector has fully appreciated what a very special school we have, with amazing students, parents, teachers and governing body.

Some of the highlights of the reports are:

  • The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection…… achieved this by successfully addressing the areas identified for improvement and maintaining a good culture of ambition among pupils and staff.
  • The school community continues to share your vision for the school to raise aspirations and pupils’ performance.
  • Parents who responded to Ofsted’s survey were overwhelmingly positive about the school.
  • The school and sixth form are increasingly popular choices for parents, with the number on roll increasing and the school continuing to be oversubscribed.
  • The opportunities provided for pupils’ personal development form a significant part of the school’s appeal to pupils.
  • Governors have been precise in their scrutiny of leaders’ decisions and actions.
  • There is a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities on offer, many of which link directly with pupils’ academic studies and contribute to pupils’ strong attitudes to learning.
  • Enrichment, clubs and the sense of community that exists within the school featured prominently in parents’, pupils’ and staff’s feedback to inspectors.
  • Students in the sixth form made good progress across a range of subjects and overall last year.
  • Students’ destinations demonstrate progression into suitable and aspirational careers and employment.
  • Girls who join the sixth form make good progress in their studies and told inspectors that they enjoy coming to this school.
  • Parents, staff and pupils feel that this is a safe and caring school where bullying is rare.
  • Staff manage behaviour effectively and pupils demonstrate a high degree of respect and tolerance towards one another.
  • Most-able pupils are challenged through good questioning and tasks that stretch their learning, particularly in groups set by ability.
  • Girls and boys who join the sixth form told inspectors that they choose to study here because of the range of choice on offer that suits their high ambitions. Those ambitions reflect the very positive destinations information for successive cohorts.

Thank you if you were one of the many parents that did complete the online Ofsted Survey.

The Leadership Team and Governing Body have already started to look at the points raised for further development and we are confident that the school will go from strength to strength.

Yours sincerely

Simon Barber