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On Monday 17th July, six Year 10 students visited the London South Bank University to attend their first NCOP (National Collaborative Outreach Programme) session.

Throughout the day, the Year 10 students took part in multiple activities.

One of these activities was a campus tour of the University where on the way they learnt a little about 3D printing scanners. They were even given the opportunity of using the scanner. The tour guide seemed to be quite a success, especially to one lucky students.

“My favourite part of the day was the campus tour, I really enjoyed it!” revealed Sai.

Another activity was a taste of university through a lecture discussing the alternative paths towards university and reasons to go.

Furthermore, the students managed to ask questions to University ambassadors from across the country. This helped the students a lot as many misunderstanding and worries were answered.

“Helped me to not be too worried about university and to study something I’m passionate about” expressed Yakub. 

“University is not as scary as I thought. Today has made me more confident about the future” said Alfie. 

Thank you to Mr Hale and Mr Talibart for accompanying the students.