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Student Council


The student council at Carshalton Boys aims first and foremost to be visible to all students on a number of levels – be it through our student council notice board outside the Headteacher’s office, our dedicated section on the student shared area, or through speaking to our peers in tutor time or assemblies.

We aim to be a friendly, open team who students can come to when they have a point to make – however big or small!!


We have been working on a number of different projects this year. Here is an update…

Winchcombe Road Safety Campaign

The Student Council are very concerned about the safety of students crossing Winchcombe Road every day without a designated crossing point. We have surveyed the road and estimate that up to 1000 crossings are made by students on assembly days and 500-600 crossings on non-assembly days. We are awaiting a reply from the highways department at Sutton Council about whether or not they have plans to resurface the road in the near future. If they do it presents a perfect opportunity for them to add a crossing point.

Hand Sanitizers Campaign

Members of the Student Council feel that we could improve hygiene in school and reduce the numbers of students catching coughs and colds by installing hand sanitizers the likes of which are commonplace now in hospital corridors. Mr Walker has agreed to one being installed at the entrance point to the café in the first instance. If successful more may be installed elsewhere around the school.

Westcroft project

Westcroft Leisure Centre is due to be redeveloped in a multi-million pound building programme in the very near future. Members of the Student Council were asked by the Council planners to visit Westcroft recently and to give their views on what they would like to see in the “NEW WESTCROFT” that is being developed. The visit happened in the Spring Term and we are awaiting news on whether or not our ideas will become reality in our local leisure centre!

Academy Status

The student council met about the move to academy status on 28th March. All present were presented with the facts about this change and all present voted in favour of the move.

Online access to our levels and achievement data

The most logical place for this information to go and be available to students is on something called the 'SIMS LEARNING GATEWAY' to which there is a link at the top of the homepage of the school website. Mr Brittain is looking into this. We will update you as soon as we know more…..