Professional Direction Experiences

A Level results alone are no longer enough to ensure progression into university or competitive career pathways. A strategic approach to enhancing your skills, competencies and experiences is essential.

At CBSC we pride ourselves on our outstanding advice and guidance and the opportunities that are available to all students to ensure they are able to progress competitively after A Level study.

You will be interviewed as part of your enrolment into 6th Form and placed onto an appropriate “Professional Direction Package” if appropriate , this will ensure that you have access to and are encouraged to take advantage of developmental experiences that will enhance and complement your academic programme.

Our Professional Directions currently include:

  • Directions to Law
  • Directions to Politics and Civil Service
  • Directions to Teaching
  • Directions Sport and Coaching
  • Directions to Psychology and Social Sciences
  • Directions to Uniformed and Armed Services
  • Directions to Public Services

Two of these directions are illustrated below the Professional Direction opportunities. Please attend the Open Evening to discuss the Professional Direction Packages that will be most appropriate for you.