Investors in People

 Investors In People

"Investors in People is a flexible and easy to use standard which helps organisations transform their business performance. Our frameworks are outcome focused, outlining what you need to achieve, but never prescribing how. This flexible approach allows thousands of different employers of every sector and size to use the same framework.

Investors in People’s flexibility is enhanced by focusing all our advice and assessment around meeting your organisation’s needs. This means the process starts with us finding out what your performance targets or key priorities are. These then become central to all our work, so we support your business plan and maximise the value you gain from working with us.
It’s the outcome focus and non-prescriptive approach we have that makes us easy to use. You’ll find your assessment is simple as it is entirely based on interviews with people from across your organisation and doesn’t require any paperwork or form-filling.

Customers greatly value our independent assessment approach. We are the leading people management benchmark of business improvement and our advice to business is very competitively priced.

As a first step you will find it useful to talk to one of our Investors in People Centres to get a picture of what’s available and how things can best work for you."

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