Government and Politics

Switch on the news and politics is frequently the main focus. But politics is not just about politicians and governments. It’s also about big issues like the environment, world trade, human rights and military action. And it’s about issues such as public services, health care and local councils. Politics affects everyone’s lives. That is why the study of politics is so important.



Government and Politics is an option for students in the sixth form - details of this course can found below

 Entry Requirements: This course will appeal to those who have an interest in current affairs and who enjoy debate and like putting forward well argued cases; who want to improve their analytical skills; who want to study a subject which encourages them to consider evidence and make up their own minds.   It is not a requirement that you have studied Politics before, however students who have studied GCSE Citizenship and/ or History will have had a helpful introduction to some of the course content and developed the skills required.
 Course assessment:

Year 12

Unit 1: People and Politics

Democracy and Political Participation; Party Policies and     Ideas; Elections; Pressure Groups.

Unit 2: Governing the UK

The Constitution; Parliament; The Prime Minister and  Cabinet; Judges and Civil Liberties

Year 13 

Unit 3: Representative Processes in the USA

Elections and voting; Pressure groups; Political parties; Racial and ethnic politics

Unit 4: Governing the USA

The constitution; The Supreme Court; Congress; The Presidency

Assessment method

- Units are examined by written paper for each unit.
 Career possibilities:

By the end of the course you will have learned how to evaluate and analyse information, how to weigh up evidence and how to communicate complex ideas effectively. These skills are recognised and valued by employers, universities and colleges. Politics provides an excellent basis for a range of different jobs including: advertising, education, the civil service, finance, law, marketing, journalism, business, and various political career paths.

 Course overview: The aim of this course is to explore political concepts central to an understanding of the modern world. You will develop an in-depth knowledge of the UK political system, putting the UK in the context of the European Union and the wider world, with a particular focus on American politics in the second year.  You will develop your capacity for critical thinking, to analyse relationships between different aspects of government and politics, including comparisons with other political systems. You will also be given the opportunity to investigate and debate current political issues and events.
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