Gifted and Talented


HAPs - High Achieving Pupils

At CBSC we aim to provide an outstanding education for all of our students and in doing so ‘make a difference’.  In line with our inclusion policy, we work to ensure that we meet the needs and maximise the potential of all students through personalised learning experiences. The following information explains how we identify High Achieving Pupils and Gifted/Talented students and goes on to outline the provision for these students.

Identification Strategies


Identification Strategy

High Academic Achiever

KS2 English and Maths scores: Level 5 or above in both English and Maths at KS2*


Top 10% of a cohort in an academic subject identified through on-going assessment and teacher identification.


Exceptional ability in a practical subject identified through on-going assessment and teacher identification.


Gifted and Talented lists are reviewed by department areas on an annual basis.

*Students who make exceptional progress in English and Maths may be added to the High Achieving Pupils lists through the review process that takes place on a termly basis.


Raising Awareness

-     Regularly published student lists

-     Identification within SIMS

-     Parent information evenings

-     Student wristbands and passports

Teaching and Learning

-     Regular INSET sessions focusing on differentiation to stretch and challenge

-     Sharing of practice through staff-briefing, faculty and department meetings

-     Working groups with cross-department membership focusing on high-end achievement


-     Setting in some subjects

-     ‘Stage not age’ curriculum structure

-     The extension to the school day to allow for subject specific and extra-curricular enrichment


-     Subject specific trips, visiting speakers or competitions to cater for HAP, Gifted and Talented students organised through department areas.

-     ‘Beyond the Curriculum’ trips, visiting speakers, workshops and events to cater for HAP students organised through HAP co-ordinators 

Tracking and Monitoring

-     Subject teachers track HAP and G&T students within their class groups and intervene when necessary

-     Heads of department and faculty track patterns across subject areas and intervene when necessary

-     HAP co-ordinators work in partnership with the Year Learning Co-ordinator to track patterns across subjects and intervene when necessary.