The Geography curriculum has been designed to cover a broad base of topics which include aspects of the natural planet, as well as regional and economic geography. The course has been designed to enable students to develop a sense of ‘awe and wonder’ and an appreciation of how humans interact with our planet.

In Years 7 and 8 students receive three hours of Geography over two weeks, and two hours in Year 9.

It allows pupils the opportunity to develop:

−− communication skills

−− graphical and cartographical skills

−− technological skills, including ICT and GIS

−− interpersonal skills through debate and discussion

−− literacy and numeracy

−− problem solving skills

−− entrepreneurial skills and awareness of careers.



Geography GCSE is an optional subject in the new English Baccalaureate. It is delivered over two years in Years 10 and 11, with a three year course commencing in Year 9 for a minority of gifted and talented pupils.  - details of this course can found below


 Course assessment: This AQA GCSE in Geography consists of three units of work;

Unit 1: Physical Geography  - (written exam – 37.5%)

Unit 2: Human Geography   - (written exam 37.5%)

Unit 3: Local Fieldwork Investigation – 2000+ words (25%).

(*Students are advised that this is an extensive piece of written work which requires a high degree of literacy.)
 Career possibilities:

Employers value the wide-ranging computer, research, and analytical skills that geography students bring to work as employees.

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 Course overview: Click here for an overview of this course
 Exam board specification: Click here for the exam board specification for this course
 Exemplar material:

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In the sixth-form students can opt to follow A-level Geography: which looks at a wide range of global issues in the 21st century and encourages students to develop an independent and active learning style.


 Entry Requirements: GCSE Geography at Grade B or higher
 Course assessment: Four modules – all externally assessed (exams)
 Career possibilities: Click here for further independent guidance on careers and progression with Geography
 Course overview:


Year 12 (AS)

AS Examinations (1031)

·         Unit 1 - GEOG1

Physical and Human Geography

·         Unit 2 - GEOG2

Geographical Skills


Year 13 (A2)

Course overview Year 13

·         Unit 3 - GEOG3

Contemporary Geographical Issues

·         Unit 4either GEO4A Geography Fieldwork Investigation or GEO4B Geographical Issue Evaluation

 Exam board specification: Click here for the GCE Geography specification
 Exemplar material:

Click here for GCE Geography exemplar material